Why should I trust Anabel’s Cleaning Service?

Anabel’s is a professional residential and commercial cleaning service. Employees are trained to perform quality work to meet the standards of our company and customers. If you’re not completely satisfied, simply contact us within 24 Hours to arrange for us to come back and re­-clean the specific areas that did not meet your expectations. Our work is 200% guaranteed.

What do I need to know before my initial cleaning?

  • Our employees are very important to us, and we are very serious about keeping them safe!  Should any member of your household require the use of syringes, please insure that they are disposed of safely. Any unexpected stab by an insecure needle can pose serious health concerns to our staff.
  • Please be sure that any confidential or potentially illegal documents or substances are put away before our cleaning team arrives.
  • Your pets are members of your family and we respect that. However, if your pet is afraid of vacuums, territorial or overly friendly and will not allow us to do our work, we kindly ask that on the day of your appointment you secure your pet in a crate or room that the cleaning team will not be entering. We reserve the right to refuse service on the scheduled date if a pet in the home is considered dangerous. We will not pick up pet droppings. This includes cleaning of litter boxes and dog kennels.
  • It is advantageous to have your home picked up as much as possible, doing so will allow us to get to all areas of the home so that we can optimize your cleaning. We will provide light straightening of the areas we clean. If any areas/surfaces are cluttered at the time of cleaning, your team will do their best to clean around those areas.

Do I provide cleaning supplies?

No. our employees will bring with them all equipment and supplies needed to clean your home. We can use your products upon request.

Do I have to be home during my cleanings?

No. Most customers do entrust us with a key or code to their home. We are fully bonded and insured for your protection and peace of mind.

What if I need to reschedule?

Service reliability is extremely important. We will often turn down business rather than disrupt a regularly scheduled customer. In exchange we must request that you give us minimum of 48 hours advance notice, IF YOU NEED TO CANCEL OR RESCHEDULE YOUR APPOINTMENT FOR ANY REASON. You will be charged $50 if changes to your schedule are made after that 48 hour period, to cover staffing costs. (Emergency situations will be determined on an individual basis.)

Our business number, 815-623-2964, is available to you at all times. If the team arrives at your home and you forgot to leave the door open, leave a key or the team needs to leave without cleaning for any reason, you will be charged a $50 fee. Our employees are paid by the hour and this fee is necessary to cover their cost.We are happy to hold your house key and/or alarm codes to prevent accidental lockouts.

What if something is damaged by one of Anabel’s employees?

If one of our employees does accidentally break something, we will do our best to either repair or replace that item.  A claim may be filed with our insurance company if needed.

How do I pay for my service?

Payment is due at the time of cleaning. For your convenience, Anabel’s Cleaning Service gladly accepts the following forms of payment: Cash, check, or Discover, MasterCard/Visa. Most clients leave a check or cash in a particular place in their home (envelopes for payment will be provided).  Anabel’s Cleaning Service now offers online payment option at https://anabelscleaning.com/product/payment/ simply enter amount and service address. $35.00 fee will be applied to all returned checks.

Does Anabel’s use GREEN products?

Yes. We offer a green option using the Clorox commercial line of green products. Our cleaning products are safe for your family and pets.

What does Anabel’s Cleaning Service do?

Anabel’s is a residential and commercial cleaning company. We offer one-time cleanings as well as recurring service, daily, weekly, and monthly.

Can I customize my service to fit my needs?

Yes. We will provide you with a customized quote to fit your needs and budget. Our online system offer easy scheduling, but if you require a more customized package, we are happy to help. Give us a call today to set up your IN HOME estimate.

Do you offer a referral program?

We do! Contact us for more info.