Whole-Home Disinfectant Cleaning

The Coronavirus has shaken our daily lives and Anabel’s is here to help ease your concerns about how to keep your households and businesses as clean and safe as possible.

Having a clean home has never been more important than during these uncertain times. With the cancelation of school, closing of restaurants and bars, and other social distancing measures, we are all under a lot of pressure to ensure that we remain safe and healthy.

It’s already stressful enough, so we want you to know that you can trust your local cleaner. Like all health risks, there are no guarantees, but we can help you mitigate the risk, ease concerns, and give you more peace of mind. It’s what we do for our clients on a daily basis.

In addition to our existing safety and cleanliness policies, we are now taking these additional measures to ensure the safety of our workers, or clients, and our communities.

  • All employees are given a health check in the morning before going out.
  • Any employees that are showing signs of any sickness of any kind are instructed to not come to work, and/or to go home immediately. You can rest assured that no one will enter your home that will put you at any risk of infection.
  • Our office and cleaning supplies are disinfected daily.
  • All cleaners that enter your home will be wearing gloves, booties, and at your request, we can also have your cleaners wear masks while in your home.

All main touchpoints will be disinfected at all cleanings throughout the remainder of March. This includes doorknobs, light switches, appliance handles, etc…

Right now more than ever it is important that your home is cleaned and disinfected. Ready for the added traffic of kids home from school and numerous retail closings. Therefore, while the social distancing measures remain in effect, we extend this offer to all existing and new clients:

Whole-home disinfectant cleanings can be scheduled at any time. Any family enduring hardships due to the Coronavirus response will be allowed to defer payment for up to 60 days. Simply book your cleaning and choose how far you would like to defer payment.

Our hope is that this will allow families to get the cleanings they need without worry about the costs during these uncharted times.

As always, we remain committed to serving the needs of our clients. Our office will maintain regular service hours and we remain available to take your calls. Please be vigilant while we work together to ensure the health and safety of our community.

Sincerely Yours,