Anabel’s Cleaning Service – Cleaning Checklist

Professional cleaning companies have to pay attention to the details.

Making sure that every part of your home is clean is important, and a main goal of ours.

That is why we use a checklist to be sure we did everything. Because we are always transparent with our clients about the products and processes we use – we make our checklist public for you to review at any time. You can view the house cleaning checklist here.

This can be a great tool for you too. If you are looking to clean – and want to attack each room like the pros do – you can use this checklist as a guideline. Looking at this checklist you may see some things you’ve never thought to do. When was the last time you dusted your baseboards? Or the last time you cleaned your switch plates?

The checklist is here for your use for your purposes, or to see what Anabel’s Cleaning can do for you. You can always find it on our services page.