3 Tips to Keep a Kid Safe Home

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You’re texting, cooking, cleaning, and laundering. You’re changing diapers, fixing breakfast, and picking up your kids at daycare. Your days get hectic and your schedules are full.

You may not think an extra second about that cleaning product bottle or container that’s still open or unsecured. Yet it only takes a second – one distraction, one step into the other room – for an accident to happen, for a child to get a hold of something not meant for them.

The American Cleaning Institute reminds parents and caregivers to keep all cleaning products up and away from children.

Be aware. Be alert. And help keep your family safe. Here are a few helpful reminders for moms and dads to help you keep your children safe:

Store products properly

Make sure your cleaning products are stored away from food and not accessible to your children or pets. They should also be stored in their original container and the labels intact. Your products should be properly closed, and never left in an open bucket.

Clean up spills immediately

Its is important that if you happen to spill any cleaning products, you clean them immediately. It only takes a moment for your child to get into that mess and be in harms way.

Insure your child is properly attended to

If you have to focus on some intense cleaning, it is critical that you child is attended to. It can be hard to focus on cleaning and house repair tasks, while keeping an eye on young children. Maybe save your cleaning for when someone is home with you – or hire a cleaner or a babysitter to cover duties for you.


Here is another great list of safety tips for the American Cleaning Institute: http://www.cleaninginstitute.org/HomeSafety/